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Ferrari 400

This site is made for the Ferrari 365 GTC 4 2+2 , Ferrari 400 and Ferrari 412 enthusiasts. In 2010 I restored a 1979 Ferrari 400i. In 2011 we will take part in Dutch rally’s with this car. Restoring my 400 i I discovered that some parts are hard to get or are no longer available. To be able to finish the restoration I needed to start producing some parts myself. Other parts are so expensive that I decided to produce a genuine functional copy. This site has a link to a web shop where you can buy these “unobtainable” parts. All the parts that I have for sale you can find in the web shop.

To be able to restore the car I needed information and documentation about the car. The smaller files you can find on the download page. If you need other documentation send a mail. I will send it on a compact disk to you. If you have any question please contact me at the contact page.

This site contains two web shops. These webshops are not working with Google Chrome. Please use an other browser or send a mail about the parts you need.

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